A Little Extra Space

Futons Save Us.

I'm serious. How many times have you been trying to plan a vacation and all the places you want to stay are one space short to fit your crowd? Who's going to sleep on the floor? Is it worth it to spring for another room? Oh wait!! There's a futon! Perfect! problem solved.

My family and I are in a small home in an amazing place. We have friends and family visit fairly often. Once again, the futon saves the day ! We do not have to sacrifice any of our much needed open space to accommodate another bed. Our comfortable and much loved couch just, voila ! pulls right out. Some fresh sheets and there you have it ! Everyone is happy.

Now I must point out that futons can at times be frustrating. You have to pull them out away from the wall and deal with the hardware to get them set up properly to be sure there are no midnight casualties. But we have fixed that. That's right. Our simple design rids you of this hassle, as you simply pull the bottom out to double the size, making a queen size bed. Easy set up easy, clean up.  What more could you ask for?