We are a small company specializing in custom designed, hand-crafted bamboo furniture and products, created from our very own collection of organically grown, sustainably harvested non-invasive bamboos.

Our Story

Belize Bamboo is the long time dream of owner Marc Ellenby. Fascinated by tropical clumping bamboos, he set out to bring in the most useful and sustainable varieties he could find that would be suitable to our area. With years of TLC, they have finally reached a maturity that we can sustainably harvest each variety and bring to fruition the many bamboo products we have today.

Working closely with Belize's Agricultural Health Authorities (BAHA), pest analyses were done and the green light was given. We began bringing in and planting our now 20 varieties of bamboo species. Planted by hand and cared for daily, they have thrived! We now harvest for three days on the waning full moon in the dry season. After harvest, the canes are branched, pressure washed and submerged in tanks of an innocuous boron/boric acid solution. They stay in the tanks for up to two weeks, then stand to dry in our barn before getting racked according to variety and size.

In addition to our bamboos, we incorporate several varieties of local hardwoods, including Mahogany, Bullet Tree, Cabbage Bark, Cedar and Santa Maria. Pulling naturally felled trees from the property, we board them up on site. Collecting seed from the very same jungle, we are always sure to replant areas where we have take the fallen trees.

 Tony Aguliar

 Tony Aguliar

Our head craftsman, Tony Aguilar, pulls from these racks and creates beautiful, detailed bamboo furniture, using mostly traditional hand tools.

Tony studied bamboo furniture production and technique through the Taiwanese Embassy in Guatemala. Native to El Salvador and long time resident of Belize, Tony spends his days perfecting his craft and skill in the workshop here at Belize Bamboo.

Spanish Creek Rainforest Reserve, our home in paradise.

Belize Bamboo is situated in a small corner of the 2000 acre organic farm and nature reserve that is Spanish Creek Rainforest Reserve. Proceeds from our furniture sales go straight back into the reserve, its educational programs and efforts at keeping this small piece of pristine second growth rainforest protected. To know more about this special place, please visit www.belizeability.com or find us on facebook.