Are you ready to immerse yourself in the dense biodiversity of the Spanish Creek Rainforest Reserve?

By volunteering and interning on the reserve, you’ll be working with local Belizean farmers to learn sustainable farming practices, and organic farming methods. We host groups of all kinds, with the ability to accommodate up to twenty persons. Our space is malleable and can be arranged to suit your specific groups needs.

Spanish Creek Rainforest Reserve is a diverse 2000-acre second growth seasonally dry rainforest, a private nature reserve in Belize, with 75 acres dedicated to supporting thriving orchards, gardens, bamboos, and palapas. Spanish Creek implements cutting-edge agroforestry techniques so that farm and forestry can exist side by side in a mutually beneficial design, all while collaborating with our local villages to provide jobs, nutrition, and education.

Commitment:  Minimum of 4 weeks, + renewable monthly terms .

Availability:  We are currently accepting interns for terms beginning January through September,  2017.

In exchange for your contributions as an intern, you will be afforded:

   Room & board – a space in the volunteer palapas, and 3 healthy meals per day prepared by you in our kitchen, LP gas stove, rainwater shower and drinking water, solar power, access to our private jungle trails, swimming water hole (Chorro), and garden and milpa areas full of fresh tropical fruits and vegetables .

   Scheduled days off during your internship term

   Access to wireless Internet on a pay-as-you-go basis .

   Spanish/English language immersion and daily practice with our crew

   A chance to meet people from all over the world, and to create life-long friendships with our local staff.


Overall, this is an opportunity to live, breathe and play in a place like nowhere else on Earth!  If you are interested in creating a more sustainable world, send us an introductory email to:      for more details and information.